Atlasware’s stainless steel flasks are manufactured in a variety of trendy colours and common sense sizes that are ideal for use indoors and outdoors, hot and cold. Atlasware is the ultimate convenience.


An Atlasware flask is convenience redefined


Have a refreshingly cold drink in the sweltering summer – or a comforting, hot cup of your favourite beverage on a chilly winter morning. It’s easy to stash or store because its contoured smooth finish fits in just about any place you can imagine.


Agent Lcations


Size: 500 ml

Diameter: 7 cm

Perimeter: 23 cm

Height: 26 cm (with lid)

Height: 25 cm (no lid)

Weight: 353 g

Size: 1 L

Diameter: 9 cm

Perimeter: 29 cm

Height: 31 cm (with lid)

Height: 30 cm (no lid)

Weight: 536 g

Size: 700 ml

Diameter: 8 cm

Perimeter: 25 cm

Height: 30 cm (with lid)

Height: 29 cm (no lid)

Weight: 436 g

Size: 2 L

Diameter: 10 cm

Perimeter: 34 cm

Height: 39 cm (with lid)

Height: 37 cm (no lid)

Weight: 900 g


It is to be experienced to be believed


There are obvious benefits to ordering the Atlasware flask in bulk. Drive down the price of the size per unit by looking to the future. This flask is always going to come in handy or be an awesome giveaway. Order more and Atlasware will calculate your discount based on the size of your order.